#1 Omimaiko


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Hey guys,

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Hi, I’m taku.

This time, I’d like to introduce the first and best inaka ( = countryside in Japanese ) ,

my home town “OMIMAIKO = 近江舞子“.

I will talk three things about omimaiko.








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① Beautiful Lake Biwa


Most of region in Shiga have beach of Biwa Lake though, Omimaiko has one of the most beautiful beach.

I guess Omimaiko beach is actually famous to swim for some people who live in Kansai area ( the area includes Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Hyogo, Wakayama, Mie and Shiga) because of clear water. But some people who even live in Shiga don’t know the part of Biwa Lake where we can swim. Maybe because south part of Biwa Lake is dirty.

While the north part has clear water because of a lot of snow in winter season. And people who live in north eat “Sashimi (raw sliced fish) of catfish”. Amazing. Most of all catfish like to live in the muddy habitat. So, catfish isn’t tasty as sashimi.

But the catfish ( Silurus lithophilus (Tomoda,1961) ) we can eat for sashimi lives on the rocky area in north part of Lake Biwa. That’s why their meat don’t have muddy taste, and old people named this fish “岩床鯰 (岩=rock, 床=bed, 鯰=catfish)” in Japanese.

In the past days, Biwa Lake got famous for water pollution in the age of high economic growth in Japan. Recently, water quality has been getting good though, south part is still dirty. This is maybe because south part has urban cities and construction of weir in the river flowing to the sea.




In summer, many people come to swim and enjoy BBQ . So, Omimaiko can be little noisy in summer. Well, nice to swim.



②  Magnificent Mountain range and Paddy field


I call this mountain range “ Kata-Fuji (片富士) = Half Mt. Fuji” in the upper phot. Because the left part looks like Mt. Fuji. The nicest thing is we can see this beautiful Kata-Fuji only from Omimaiko.


There is spectacular paddy field. I recommend you to walk a street between paddy field at daytime. You can forget everything.

Also at night is nice. There is no tall buildings around here.

So, we can see a lot of beautiful stars on the sky.


③  Quiet

Quiet. haha. There is almost nothing.

There is only one convenience store (Seven-Eleven) where it takes 15-20 min from the station.

We can only hear the sound of the wind, waves, train, flogs, birds….

Omimaiko prepares a space where you can hear your own voice in your bottom of heart.



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1. You are not going to able to decide which to have seat, right side or left side in the train on the way to Omimaiko. Because you will feel you want to see both beautiful Biwa Lake and mountains both side. That’s why I think Kosei Line is the best line in Japan.

2. Sometimes you have to open the door in the train by hand. Stranger always are upset about this (well, most of all time, open the door automatically or push the button. But this is funny point. ).

3. Kosei Line is famous for weakness against wind. Adversely, we even become worry the line doesn’t work when wind is strong.

4. We can see fireflies near an irrigation ditch before rainy season (around May).





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– Location –

Omimaiko is belonging to Shiga Prefecture, and located here.


Source: Google map


Shiga Prefecture has the Largest lake, “Lake Biwa” in Japan.

And near Kyoto and Osaka.




– Access –

Open your google map and fill out “Kyoto station” to “Omimaiko station”.

Then, here we go…


Source: Google Map


That’s all.  Great google.


Well, I add information more for some people who will mistake.

I guess maybe you can go to Kyoto station easily by using tourist books of Japan. So, I will tell how to get to the Omimaiko station from Kyoto station.

You can mainly find the train to Omimaiko at the No. 3 platform in many train lines in the Kyoto station.

There is only one fantastic line to go to Omimaiko, which is called “KOSEI LINE = 湖西線”.

Please don’t take “Biwako Line” at the No. 2 platform.

Shiga has 2 main lines, “Kosei Line” to western and “Biwako Line” to eastern part of Shiga.

( I used to mistake when I was a student on the way to home.)




It takes just 40 min from Kyoto to Omimaiko by train.


So, if you feel tired of seeing many tourists and places which have been already uploaded many times on SNS, why don’t we take the local train and go quite  Omimaiko with seeing beautiful Lake Biwa and Mountain range?


Perhaps, the place doesn’t have awesome staff, but you must be able to find something special only for you.


See you next time. Thank you.




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Just go and feel countrysides.